Wedding Keepsake

A new way to display and preserve your special wedding day memories, the Keepsake is a beautiful, hand-crafted wood box that is made to be on display. These boxes are of the finest quality crafted in an Amish community in Ohio. Because of this, just like your wedding, each one is unique and each one will tell a different story.

With the Keepsake you can preserve a variety of your unique wedding memories. Each Keepsake comes with a small open space and a place for 4x6 photos from your engagement and wedding.

My personal favorite are the three vials, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, for those special items preserved for generations to come. Items like the grass from the spot of your ceremony, flower pedals from your bouquet, a piece of your wedding dress soaked in your wedding day perfume... the experiences of your wedding day.

The Keepsake is available in Oil Rubbed Walnut (pictured) and Traditional Ceder.

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